Love WordPress, Hate Recommended AN Hosting aka Midphase

What do you do when a vendor you love makes a bad recommendation, and continues to make a bad recommendation despite being notified with evidence that the promotion is no longer warranted?

We TechTalk folk love WordPress. We love its themes. We love its plugins. We love its speed. We love its search engine friendliness. We love the price. We even love the FIRST recommended host on its list.

AN Hosting - Midphase - as recommended by WordPressSadly, we have to report that #2 on that is exactly that, “number 2”, in all its euphemistic scatological badness (list at right).

We at TechTalk routinely work with websites spread among many hosts. In the case of one set of domains, we thought we’d try AN Hosting, due to it’s being listed second on WordPress’ list of preferred web hosts. (see screen at right)

DISCLAIMER: TechTalk, for the record, is hosted on BlueHost. Our experience with hosts is that they can be great one year and turn bad a year later, so distributing websites among multiple hosts is a precaution that can facilitate restoring

AN Hosting - MidphaseOur experience with AN Hosting (see their banner, corrected by us for accuracy, at right) for the last year has been nothing short of abysmal, and considerably worse since it was taken over by Midphase a few months ago.

midphase suspension screenThe account has 6 domains. An advertising campaign was run on one of them so the traffic spiked from 3,000 to 15,000 visitors a day. Apparently, this exceeded unpublished limits. Instead of charging us a fee to handle the extra traffic, we were greeted on all six domains with a screen stating THIS ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SUSPENDED.

No phone call. We get to work the next morning with an email that the sites have been shut off and as we’re in Los Angeles, that means the east coast hasn’t been able to see ANY of those sites for the better part of half a day. No ability to FTP. Complete shut-down while and advertising campaign is running… pointing people to a dead domain.

A couple more points…

  • 24/7 phone/e-mail support. If you believe this, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Kansas to sell you.
  • CHAT. AN Hosting’s version of Liveperson crashes both FireFox and MSIE and does some strange things to my keyboard, randomly transposing characters on other tabbed windows.

Got a hosting horror story? Do tell in the comments.